Is reliable

Safely bonded products and high system availability

Vision ensures stable conditions and carefree gluing: From pump pressure and temperature to viscosity and system availability – everything runs smoothly.

High application quality
Stable pressure conditions are essential for repeatable, uniform adhesive application. No problem for the fast-switching piston pump from Vision.

Repeatable, even adhesive application
The favorable heat distribution between the glue distributor and piston pump achieves constant adhesive viscosity.

Gentle adhesive treatment
The fast and precise regulation of the heating power via two heating zones prevents the adhesive from overheating.

Hot melt delivery free from impurities
The sloping tank bottom makes it possible: After melting, glue residues or impurities sink into the collection area and do not make their way into heating hoses or application heads.

Reliable gluing without interruption
Vision is based on Swiss quality awareness and our decades of experience. High-quality components and careful manufacturing ensure smooth processes and high productivity.