Is sustainable

Economical use of resources

Vision brings measurable sustainability to your business and lowers operating costs: It has the industry’s best energy efficiency, features to safely reduce adhesive consumption, an exceptionally long service life and backward compatibility.

Superb energy efficiency
Vision’s innovative insulation reduces heat radiation to the outside. This reduces energy consumption to a low level.

Reduced adhesive consumption
Vision monitors the amount of adhesive being applied in combination with the optional AMS adhesive measuring system. Safety margins therefore become superfluous.

Less production waste
Vision offers optional functions for quality control. This enables you to detect errors in the adhesive application process quickly and reliably.

Unique compatibility and a long service life
Vision is a safe investment in a long-term relationship. As a modular quality product, Vision is compatible with heated hoses and application heads built in 2000 and later. The long-term availability of spare parts is also secured for the future.